2023/10/6 CEO Caitlin Puzzar made a pitch at KYOTO SMART CITY FES!

On October 6th 2023, at the KYOTO SMART CITY FES – Keihanna Startup Exhibition & Pitch Event, Guardian CEO Caitlin Puzzar made a pitch as the final speaker. 

She also talked about Guardian’s participation in a joint project with Kumamoto City. Some of the event participants said, “This is a very important initiative,” or “I wish such a system had been available when I was a high school student! We also received comments from participants that they were inspired by the event.               

We hope to see everyone again at the next pitch opportunity!

”Do you remember Mia Kurihara? – I will never forget her. I started this initiative because I want to protect even just one child from losing their life like Mia Kurihara did.”

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