Kyoto Wisdom Entrepreneurship Award 2024 – “Special Prize” was awarded!

Guardian Inc. (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto) announces that it received the “Special Award” from the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the 15th “Kyoto Wisdom Entrepreneurship Awards 2024” announced on June 18, 2024, from among 35 applications, for an entrepreneur with high growth potential who is in need of support and effective. The award is given to entrepreneurs who are in need of support and have high growth potential.

 Reasons for selection and expectations for the company

The number of recognized cases of bullying among children and the number of children/students not attending school are on the rise, and the need for countermeasures against bullying is increasing. While questionnaires are considered effective in detecting bullying, the questionnaires provided by Guardian are designed from a “student first” perspective. We hope that the award will help the company’s system spread,  with the support of various organizations and solve the problems surrounding children.

Award Comments by Caitlin Puzzar (Representative Director)
As someone who moved to Kyoto to start a business, I am grateful for the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s support and recognition of my achievements. I would like to make daily efforts so that kimino micata can expand further, and create an environment where children can always feel safe and comfortable consulting with us. I hope that this award will lead to the expansion of efforts to address issues such as bullying with the support of various organizations, and that the problems surrounding children will be resolved.
From Hiromi Murakami Co-Founder, Director and COO (Chief Operating Officer) I have been impressed by Caitlin's energy and enthusiasm as a co-founder. I am also involved in healthcare policy as a researcher, and would like to contribute to the realization of a society where children can live in peace. I am very happy that kimino micata's efforts have been recognized. The "children first" design emphasizes respect for children's opinions, and through "kimino micata" we hope to create an environment in which children can live in peace.