CEO Caitlin Puzzar participates as a panelist at the Osaka-Kansai Women’s Mirai Souzou Conference

On 10 March 2023, Caitlin Puzzar, representative director of Guardian Inc. participated as a panelist at the Osaka-Kansai Women’s Mirai Creation Conference, organized by the Osaka Gender Iki-Iki Foundation. The event was held with the aim of sharing various social issues related to women’s empowerment, and creating a network to create a movement towards solutions. Participants showed a high level of interest in social issues, the fact that anyone can be a leader in creating a sustainable future, as well as in sharing the thoughts and actions of the panelists, The participants themselves commented that they were inspired.

“I found out about the case of Mia Kurihara when I was working as a teacher. I just took action because I really wanted to do something.” — Caitlin Puzzar 「私は、教員として働く中で、栗原心愛ちゃんの事件を知りました。本当に何かしたいと思って行動しただけです。」(ケイトリン・プーザー)