SOS communication support system for children

What is kimino micata?

kimino micata is a web-based system that allows children and students to take an online questionnaire via any tablet, PC or smartphone with internet access. The questionnaire content, based on expert Japanese and Western psychology standards, covers a wide range of areas, including bullying, abuse, mental health and neglect. Designed to be accessible to children in their daily lives, we aim for it to be easier for them to voice things they may not be comfortable saying in person.

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kimino micata can solve these problems

Point 01

Reliable questionnaire contents

Questions have been created based upon psychological survey standards set by experts in Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.

Point 02

Reliable questionnaire content supervised by Western psychology experts

In addition to questionnaires supervised and widely used by Western psychology experts and considered global standards, kimino micata also includes content used by local authorities in Japan.
Parent and Child (STPS, CTPS), Family Environment Scale (FES), Parent-Child Relationship Inventory (PCRI), Brief Child Abuse Potential Inventory (B- CAP), Child Abuse Potential Inventory (CAP), etc.

Point 03

Designed with children’s needs in mind

In order to make kimino micata a system designed for children themselves, we have employed a variety of features. To ensure clear understanding and inclusivity we have bilingual and hiragana support, alongside questionnaires questions that are phrased differently based on age. Multiple security measures are also in place to allow children the freedom to answer honestly with peace of mind.

Point 04

Detects children’s concerns quickly to allow for quick intervention

By allowing children to voice their concerns/issues through both the questionnaire answers and the SOS button, kimino micata provides multiple opportunities for children to reach out whenever and wherever they feel comfortable doing so.

Point 05

Anytime SOS

Students can log in and send SOS consultation messages at any time, including during school holidays, to detect signs before returning to school, and use the tool to help schools and relevant organizations resolve problems quickly.

Example flow of usage

Frequently asked questions

The target age range is from elementary school 1st grade to high school 3rd grade.

Any device with access to the internet can be compatible with kimino micata, regardless of operating system (including PCs, tablets and smartphones).

The system covers a wide variety of issues surrounding children, so it encompasses not only bullying, but also abuse, mental health issues, self-esteem, stalking and all other issues. Additional questions can be added to the system at any time, depending on your needs and circumstances.

The pricing structure differs depending on the school, organization or institution. For schools, the annual contract is based on the number of students in the entire school. Smaller groups and participating organizations, such as consultation centres, have an annual contract with a group-specific fee. For more information, please contact us.

After the introduction of the system, we will hold regular meetings with teachers to discuss how the system is being used, and our help desk will respond to questions as needed. kimino micata is a communication support tool. It supports teachers, organizations and institutions in their efforts to solve problems such as bullying, and Guardian works together with teachers in regular meetings to improve the system.

Protection of personal data is a high priority. See our privacy policy here.

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