“What is diversity?” workshop series

SDG’s “What is diversity?” – Let’s learn about diversity and inclusion!

Guardian Inc. holds on-demand ‘What is diversity? workshops series on demand. The workshops will be held in the Kansai region. For requests, please contact info@guardian-jp.com.

We will hold a workshop for elementary school students to learn about diversity in English while having fun. Come and join Ms. Caitlin from the UK and have fun speaking English in the after-school hours.

We think it is crucial to develop sensitivity and acceptance to those who are racially or ethnically diverse. The workshops aim for students to appreciate and respect those who have different backgrounds, unique interests and cultures. We welcome students of all nationalities who desire to communicate with others. Please join us!

Part 4: “Respecting other cultures!”
What is Diversity? ~ Respecting other cultures!


Everyone has their own environment, culture and customs from childhood, but people from other countries and regions have their own cultures and customs as well.. It is very important to value each culture and to know about each culture. In this workshop, you will learn about the cultures and customs of different countries, including what people in Japan and other countries have experienced and the background as to why they have such customs.

Part 3: “Embracing each other’s differences and individuality, and realizing your dreams”

What is diversity? ~ Learn how to support each other’s creativity whilst embracing your differences!  


Part 2: “How to be an ally?”

What is diversity?  How to be an ally? Learn how to support your peers, and raise our voices when we see discrimination.

It is important that we become friends and protect each other. When we become an ally, it means that we get to know the person better, and can all speak up if we notice someone is being treated badly by other people.

Part 1: “Everyone is different”

Introduce yourself. Where were you born and what are you good at? What do you like?

Listen to your peers’ introductions and learn how to address them using appropriate pronouns!

Guardian Inc. offers on-demand “What is diversity? workshops. Sessions are mainly in English for elementary and junior high school students. For more information, please contact us.