The most important thing is that it is an easy to use tool for children to use to consult; we look forward to kimino micata


Mr. Toru Susami, Director, School Education Department,

Board of Education, Kumamoto city

We visited Mr. Toru Susami from the School Education Department of the Kumamoto City Board of Education. Kumamoto City was one of the first to implement the kimino micata demonstration testing from 2020.

 “We want, above all, for children to feel free to consult with us and for them not to hold back their worries. kimino micata will create an environment where children can feel free to consult with us about their worries at any time. 

I have high hopes for kimino micata!”

Why did you decide to introduce kimino micata

Kumamoto City accepted the kimino micata demonstration tests from 2020. We conduct regular surveys, but we still didn’t want to somehow miss the voices of the children. Based on the results of the demonstration test from 2020, we have been working together to solve various problems that have arisen through system improvements. The fact that they (Guardian Inc.) worked with us to solve various problems through system improvements based on the results of the demonstration test was also a factor in our decision to formally introduce the system.


Kumamoto City distributes a tablet to each child, so the fact that with kimino micata, children can complete online questionnaires at any time, at a place where they feel safe, such as after school hours or when they are at home, and that they can send SOS consultations anytime and anywhere, were attractive to us. The appeal of this system was that it was easy to use. We hope that it will become a tool that makes it easier for children to ask for help. The system is designed so that children can do the survey whenever they want to, rather than all at once at a set time, and it is based on their independence, which I think will create an environment where children feel comfortable voicing their concerns.