We want to hear children’s voices directly through kimino micata and catch any SOS incidents quickly and accurately


Mr. Kenji Kigushi Director, Children's Bureau, Kumamoto City Mr. Yoshikazu Ikeda General Council Member, Children's Bureau, Kumamoto City

Kumamoto City will establish a new ‘Children’s Bureau’ in 2023, with the aim of strengthening the response to issues surrounding children. kimino micata will be introduced in autumn 2023, and the capacity for receiving consultations directly from children in schools in the city will be doubled. We will increase the number of consultants who can receive consultations on children’s problems, and will work to provide consultations for many children, through kimino micata, in addition to the existing hotline. “We want to listen to children’s voices directly and catch SOS messages as quickly and accurately as possible, and we will work together to make kimino micata a useful tool“, said Kigushi.